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Watch me complete a challenge

It's best to see a whiteboard challenge in
action! Watch me complete a challenge on

How to create solutions that stand out

Use this exercise to help your design solutions stand out from other candidates

Structure to Easily Follow

Learn the simple framework I use to ace my whiteboard challenges

Learn what hiring managers look for

Feel prepared by knowing what to expect

Evaluator Guide & Sample Prompts

Practice some sample prompts after
watching the workshop

Workshop Deck

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About Elizé

When I ran a UX agency, I hired UX designers at all levels and helped other companies do the same. I am now a presentation coach who helps people land their dream jobs.

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Will this course help me in the interview process?
Yes! Most companies will require you to do a design challenge. Sometimes it is the whiteboard challenge, sometimes it's a take-home challenge and sometimes it's both! For example, Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon require the whiteboard challenge.

Can I practice challenges with someone else?
Yes! I highly recommend practicing whiteboard challenges with the prompts I provided. You also can have access to my whiteboard challenge Linkedin group and find other members who are interested in practicing!

Can you help with anything else for UX interviews?
Yes! As a bonus, you can have access to my Create a Killer Case Study + Portfolio Dos and Dont's Workshops ($84 Value) for FREE!

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