About Me

Educator I Speaker I Entrepreneur

I don’t have a fancy art degree, or any degree for that matter, and believe that willpower is a superpower that allows oneself to carve their own path.

My Mission

I aim to inspire and uplift women and other under-represented groups, helping them balance professional development with mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.



Performer and Waitress

Prior to UX, I was an aspiring performer! Which meant I was waitressing and nannying to pay the bills. I had no formal education and believed I would make it in a creative career.


Learned UX

After taking a 6 month solo backpacking trip, I realized I was ready for a new career and took the General Assembly Immersive course.


UX Director

Within this marketing agency, I grew and managed a UX/UI team working on clients such as Papyrus and Forever 21.


Agency Co-Founder

I started a UX agency working with clients such as Adobe and Keller Williams. I hired designers straight out of UX bootcamps, giving them real-world experience that helped jumpstart their careers.


UX Instructor & Mentor

I love teaching UX to students at General Assembly and mentoring emerging designers at Springboard!


Started My YouTube Channel

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Adobe LIVE Speaker

In early 2020, I was apart of the first Adobe XD group of instructors in the Americas. I teach enterprise clients how to use XD to streamline their workflows. I also teach XD in webinars with 500+ audiences.